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Profit making in Bear Market

Each and every movement of market is an opportunity to trade for someone at anywhere. Both the trends like bullish trend and bearish trend as its own value to make money. The only key success is consistency, strategies followed, discipline maintained, focus and updated time to time news on the stock gives profit at any time it may be in Intraday...read more

Top 8 steps to be followed by an Successful Intraday Trader

Day trading is one of the best way to make huge money, but trading needs more skills with knowledge. In one day we can earn huge money but from another day we can lose the same or more. We need to know the reason for profit and loss made. Many things can happen in day trading within seconds or minutes or hours. Below are the 8 steps need to foll...read more

What is Stop Loss – Meaning and Strategy

The word Stop loss is very commonly used and heard from whoever related to financial market. Financial market is an mixture of Profit and Loss. In that we are struggling here to maximize the profit by minimizing the loss. Stop loss which is much fear and sad to hear that happening for our trading account. But none of the intraday traders or...read more

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