Day trading is one of the best way to make huge money, but trading needs more skills with knowledge. In one day we can earn huge money but from another day we can lose the same or more. We need to know the reason for profit and loss made. Many things can happen in day trading within seconds or minutes or hours. Below are the 8 steps need to follow in day trading by an trader.

Five trading tips for a day trader

1. Always think positively before placing an order in every trade. Keeping an unbreakable confidence on market with technicals can never go wrong at any situation in market. Time factor keeps on live with our money always in profit in stock market.

2. Learn patience so one can earn money from stock market. Being patience without an in depth knowledge and idea about the market can lead money into loss.

3. Discipline trade is very important rather than earning money. Money can be earned at any time of the market but once made lose without discipline cannot be reimbursed. We should always trade with the money whichever can be managed by us evenhough if it got loss. Borrowing money in any source for doing trade may lead to only loss without any doubts.

4.  We should be having power over  emotions to keep in control which emotions like greediness and dissatisfaction can seriously impact our trades.

5.  It is virtually impossible to know future pricing on all trades. However, you have to be able to assimilate as much information as humanly possible. When you don’t have to rely on the latest press release or news update to make your trades, you will have a huge advantage over other traders.

6. We should always try to get high-quality trading learning and having a firm education is an important obligation. A great experienced person can teach how to administrate  money  & how to  study market trends.

7. Our intuition is extremely powerful. It is nothing more than a by-product of the analysis that has been performed in our subconscious.

8. Always do not over predict the market, has many times it may go wrong, so keeping mind set to trade and earn profit at any direction of market.

Following above given 8 steps can lead only to success without any loss, it has been written with own experience faced by author of this article.




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