Nifty Option Tips

What is Option Trading?

Option is nothing but contract between two parties for a future transaction on an asset at a reference price or at the index strike price. Option trading is nothing but there are two ways known call option trading and put option trading. Call Option trading is the right to buy the indexed strike price is called call option trading. Put option trading is the right to sell the indexed strike price is called put option trading.

What is Nifty Option Tips?

Nifty option tips is nothing but the calls given based on the nifty strike price in its future price. Basically nifty option tips are divided into four types in Indian market. They are Long call, Long put, Short call, Short put.

Features of our Nifty Option Call

1. Daily one or two intraday nifty option calls with small stop loss. We will give one call daily if it touches stoploss or if we found the market is good technically then we will open second call.
2. Intraday nifty option tips will be sent by sms during trading hours.
3. Intraday nifty option tips are based on current month contract.
4. Complete followup will be provided until call close.
5. Intraday nifty option tips will be send in advance of minimum 5-10 minutes. So enough time will be there to place order.
6. All intraday nifty option tips will have 2 targets. Target 1 will be given for 8% target 2 will be given for 13-15% and stoploss will be 4%-5%.
7.Very simple to check our Nifty option tips paid trial pack for Rs.250 and decide whether to continue or not. Just watch the calls for 3 days and check whether SMS reaches before 5-10 minutes, follow-up calls, regarding  genuine performance updation, do only paper trade in trial period.

check here to view Nifty Option past performance report.

Pricing for Intraday Nifty Option Tips

3 Days Paid Trial – Rs.250

1 month Intraday Option package – Rs.1700

3 months Intraday Option package – Rs.3400

6 months Intraday Option package – Rs.5100


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