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Short term Delivery trading tips is an great risk free and tension free which give relax instead of checking daily as like Intraday. But Intraday and Delivery trading has its own advantages. Delivery trading is mostly depends on many factors so some people like Intraday to know the result on every day within end of the market.

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Short term delivery trading tips

Delivery Trading Tips Procedure

Short term Delivery Trading Tips


1. Why delivery trading should be done instead of Intraday ?

If we do not have time to watch for whole day so we can invest in any one stock and we can wait for an short term within 15 days to 2months and we can have handsome profits. Patience is the only key to success in delivery trading.

2. How much capital required to invest ?

Investment should be around minimum 75000 which will be very decent because we may give 1-3 open positions at a time.

3. How many calls will be given every month ?

7-8 calls will be given every month and also minimum 1-3 calls will be in open position

4. When the calls will reach and how delivery calls will reach to us ?

Calls may reach via Telegram durinng market hours minimum 2-5 minutes in advance.

5. What will get for me in delivery calls ?

A stock which would be from NSE or BSE will be given with One Target and One stoploss. Stocks available in both NSE and BSE can be traded with NSE price and we also follow the same. More over if followed big price will not come. Follow up calls will be given for each call if target or stoploss reached. Strict discipline to maintain with Target and Stoploss price and if the stock price gets reverse what we have done, no balancing of stocks at lower price should be done without our suggestion.

6. Is there any trial or how we believe on delivery calls you give ?

As the calls given will not close on same day, so we are unable to provide trial to anybody, you can verify our past performance we update and we are in the market for more than 25 years and running this website successfully for 14years in the same address given in website. Trust is the big investment made on others to get the work done.

7. How much accuracy you will give ?

We are maintaining an accuracy of 75% which this consistent performance will give a big huge profits to our clients. Kindly do not believe whoever saying that they will give 100% accuracy, they are trying to cheat you. Nobody in stock market can give 100% accuracy.

8. How I can subscribe for short term delivery trading tips ?

Our fees are very nominal and you can subscribe from our website itself.

Delivery Calls

1 Month  –Rs. 4001 (7 to 8 calls given / Subscription Duration is secondary)

2 Months –Rs. 7001(15 to 20 calls given / Subscription Duration is secondary)

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Intraday trading is an art of earning money from stock market and it requires a lot of patience and time to allocate in the daily schedule.

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