People have real interest and money with them to do trading and they are very much confused to take right decision on which segment to do invest the money or trade with money. Here we said how intraday traders react with intraday tips provider.

Intraday trading is best for many of us and Delivery trading or investment is best for others, it depends on their patience level and requirement of profits, the money which they going to play with. But usually many people ask me which segment to invest in stock market, Equity or Nifty future or Nifty Options or Stock future or Stock Options or Commodity or Forex.

Intraday Traders VS Intraday Trading

Many people will ask me what is best segment of calls which you give? There is nothing confusion to be there while choosing the segment for trading and what does Intraday tips service provider gives. All the segment in market gives profit but we need to take the profit at right time after our investment or trading. But many of the people do not trust the genuine recommendation tips provider with nominal low fees.

People always get themselves cheated with many websites or companies providing fake assurance for earning profits.But here we assure genuine updations with clear follow up calls and with market information.

Below given are some of the basic telephone talks which we receive and you may also have these doubts before choosing an Intraday tips recommendation provider.

Client : “Which is the best recommendations package in your website?”

Me : “All the packages are well and you can check well by trial package how we give calls, updating original performance or not, follow up calls, how is the SMS speed receiving while market hours, do you get time to place order or not.”

Client : “How much Investments need to do the calls in Equity”

Me : Calls provided technically and we are not providing how much number of share to be bought. So it totally depends on your investment. But minimum basic investment suggested is Rs.20000 to see daily decent profits.

Client : Is all your calls will reach target in all segments?

Me : No. Calls are generated with the thought to be get loss, but I am scared about the doubts like this. Because many of the traders are not much beware of both target and stop loss. If we give stoploss they treat and think like an villian to kill their money. Its not like that technical calls sometimes may failure due to some volatile market conditions but net profit at the end of the month to be calculated to judge an Intraday tips provider.

Client : Are you doing real performance updation in your website?

Me : Simple thing to know the genuineness is to choose trial pack. Traders who are going to invest in stock market can check with small fees, if also it does not works for you regular website performance checking and to have contact to the customer support will give more confident and trust to you.

Client : Why do you not give calls for overseas NRI like me?

Me : Surely we provide calls in Google talk and Yahoo messenger which they can easily earn profits instantly with that.

Client : I lost money by doing intraday trading?

Me : Success in intraday trading is depends on client patience and discipline. Even though we are providing call will hit stop loss but at end of the month our calls cumulative result will make profit.

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