Delivery Calls

Delivery calls are nothing but to earn more profit when compared to Intraday but there is big profits can be made with patience. More than one day holding or taking position on particular stock or any financial instrument is called as Delivery Trading.Time frame may be differed from more than 1 day. Delivery calls can be done by any kind of people who do not have time to watch daily, whoever in Business, Job, Often in Out station reg work, No time to check in office.

Short Term Delivery Calls

1.We provide 5-10 delivery calls for the whole month.

2.We provide calls during market hours prior to the trigger price.

3.We maintain 80%-85% accuracy so traders can do delivery calls by maintaining strict stop loss.

4.Maximum 2 months will be the duration for single call and 2-4 calls will be in open position and traders should try to do all the calls for making profit.

5.If prices reduces for an stock don’t average without our confirmation.

6.Calls will be given via SMS and Email. No refund policy available for Delivery calls.

7.No trial available for delivery calls as target will not reach same day.Clients can check our past performance before subscribing.

8. Calls we provide may be from NSE or BSE, if the call is available in both you can prefer trading in NSE.

9. All follow up calls will be provided in market hours.

10. Single Target only be given for Delivery calls and it will be from 7% to 10% from recommended price.

11. Traders need to have enough capital to trade all calls given maximum 4 open positions will be maintained.

12. Maximum we choose call that will be complete within one month, but if gone above one month and the current price is in profit from recommended price with 5% then client can book profit with their choice.

13. But we recommend to wait for exact target to be reached.

14. Minimum decent capital required to trade for short term delivery calls is Rs.50000 and more than that is clients choice no limits.

15.We update genuine performance we provide and calls are provided pure technical basis, so less chance to touch stoploss price.

  Nifty Future Tips

Nifty future is nothing but the index future where the underlying is the S&P CNX Nifty index. In India, index futures trading started in 2000 in NSE. For Nifty futures contracts, the permitted lot size is 50, and in multiples of 50. Like other futures contracts, Nifty future tips contracts also have a three-month trading cycle - the near-month, the next month and the far-month.

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