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Stock Future Trading tips Performance :

Sure Shot Intraday Stock Future trading tips will be given usually at any time of the trading day whenever the trend occurs in market. As we give single call daily more focus will be given to give high accuracy above 75% performance every day as traders need to earn upto Rs.10000 per day. Sure Shot Intraday Stock Future Trading tips will be updated in daily basis as traders need to check their profit happily. Only One Sure Shot Intraday Stock Future Trading tips will be given daily. If suppose first call of the day hits stop-loss we will give one more call to cover the loss. More easy to traders with high accuracy.

Note – For safety side kindly place Target as 0.05-0.25 paise ahead of the target given by us. For example Target is 500 in an buy call means place target in trading terminal order as 499.75 or 499.90 it depends on lot size. Because some times it may not touch round figure,so it struggles, we are unable to miss the whole profits for 5 or 25 paise. If it missed without touching exact target price within this price range, the call is treated as Target reached call and will be updated in performance as Target, so clients or visitors do not think that we are cheating you. Its an real fact after several analysis we come into an conclusion.

Stock Future Trading Tips started from June 2015 only, so there is no past performance. Below given is the performance report if traded with one(1) lot. Click the link below to check day wise performance.

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February 2019

Sureshot Intraday Stock Future Performance

19/02/2019 PIDILITIND FUT SELL 10:35AM 10:40AM 1078 1072 1084 TARGET 500 3000.00
18/02/2019 JSWSTEEL FUT SELL 10:42AM 10:45AM 265.35 264 266.50 TARGET 1500 2025.00
15/02/2019 CALL NOT GIVEN
14/02/2019 CALL NOT GIVEN
13/02/2019 TATASTEEL FUT SELL 10:25AM 10:28AM 486 483 489 TARGET 1061 3183.00
12/02/2019 SUNTV FUT BUY 10:21AM 10:24AM 567 570 564 SL 1000 -3000.00
12/02/2019 GLENMARK FIT BUY 10:43AM 10:45AM 608 611 605 SL 1000 -3000.00
12/02/2019 JINDALSTEL FUT BUY 11:26AM 11:30AM 139 140.25 138 TARGET 2250 2812.50
08/02/2019 ACC FUT SELL 10:38AM 10:41AM 1416 1408 1423 SL 400 -2800.00
08/02/2019 TATAELXSI FUT SELL 11:22AM 11:25AM 906 901 911 TARGET 400 2000.00
07/02/2019 VEDL FUT SELL 10:58AM 11:02AM 163.50 162 165 EXIT AT 164 2300 -1150.00
07/02/2019 MOTHERSUMI FUT BUY 01:05PM 01:08PM 143 144.50 141.50 TARGET 2850 4275.00
06/02/2019 RELCAPITAL FUT SELL 10:18AM 10:20AM 137 135 139 SL 1500 -3000.00
06/02/2019 TECHM FUT BUY 10:30AM 10:40AM 801 805 797 TARGET 1200 4800.00
06/02/2019 ACC FUT SELL 10:38AM 10:42AM 1396 1389 1403 TARGET 400 2800.00
05/02/2019 TITAN FUT BUY 01:01PM 01:05PM 1069 1075 1063 SL 750 -4500.00
04/02/2019 RELINFRA FUT SELL 10:40AM 10:43AM 230 227.50 232.50 TARGET 1300 3250.00
04/02/2019 APOLLOTYRE FUT SELL 10:52AM 11:15AM 202.85 201.85 203.85 TARGET 3000 3000.00
01/02/2019 PETRONET FUT SELL 10:55AM 10:58AM 223.50 222 225 TARGET 3000 4500.00
NET P/L 18,195.50

February  2019 NET P/L 18,195.50

We are receiving phone calls that, how are you giving Only Profit daily? Are you updating any fake performance?

No, we are not updating any fake performance, and also we dont know that. After checking the trial any one can decide what to do?

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