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Stock tips service given to many clients in customisation as many of them asked we have introduced Pay per call Stock tips for delivery based trading presently. We are #1 in India to provide stock recommendation for very cheap price and with good returns. Lets check now below what is Pay per call Stock tips.

Pay per call Stock tips

What will I get for Pay per call Stock tips?

You will get two delivery based calls in Pay per call Stock tips.

What will be the duration for the calls given?

Duration is short term which means 15days – 60 days.

What will be the returns given?

Profit returns given in this package is as same like in the Delvery calls performance updated, which will be around 10% – 20% per call.

What will be the charges?

Charges for Pay per call Stock tips is very low as Rs1500, as many people asking trial in delivery calls we are offering this service as an Paid trial for delivery calls.

When and How I will get the calls?

Calls will be given via Mobile SMS minimum of 2-3 minutes ahead, if need we may also give via Google Hangouts if clients prefer. Calls will be reaching you in market timings at any time.

How much capital need to do this call?

Minimum capital may be Rs30000 – Rs50000, Maximum capital is clients wish no limits. In this calls client may Invest or may not Invest, its just to check the calls given whether it reaches the target or not.

Is same calls will reach to us as like Monthly subscription clients?

Yes same calls will be received but only two calls will be given, past performance can be checked there.

How much accuracy can be expected?

Minimum 80% accuracy can be expected and as you receive only two calls you may expect genuine performance updation.

When and What will be the best time to receive calls?

Whenever we predict technical and fundamental that the call is worth to take delivery we may provide. In this package we provide only two calls no subscription time validity is there.

Where I can find the Past Performance and What are trading rules to be followed?

Pas Performance is same in Delivery calls performance page, visitors may check the same and trading rules are also same as given in Delivery trading under trading rules in the website.

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