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  1. Do you give calls daily basis for Bank Nifty Option ?

    No, we do not give calls on daily basis, whenever there is an trending day in market we identify then we provide the call. Maximum you may get 5 to 7 calls in a month. Trailing Stoploss method may also be used in Trending days.

  2. How do you know its an trending day, how I will get call, Do I get time to place order?

    From our past experience of 15 years, we predict calls on Technical based only, so we may identify an trending day maximum. You will get calls via only Telegram not in Whatsapp and minimum 2 to 5 minutes advance you will get calls. Trailing Stoploss method may also be used in Trending days.

  3. Whats the amount of strike price which I receive call?

    You will get current weekly option series. Nearest current Bank Nifty price with 5 strike price in CE and PE should be added in your watch list.

  4. What type of calls I will get in this package?

    Both BUY and SELL type of calls only from Bank Nifty Option alone you will get service.

  5. How many calls you provide in an month & what will be the Accuracy ?

    We provide calls on trending days only, so number of calls minght not be said in exact, Accuracy will be of 75% in month end basis.

  6. Whats the fees I need to pay ?

    1 Call paid trial – Rs750 only

    300 points profit – Rs5000 only (Whenever 300 points profit given, need to renew again)

    We don’t have monthly subscription basis for this segment.

  7. Your fees is high and you have different fees structure ?

    Our fees is not at all high and its very less, Yes we are different, as we are not selfish. In this type of package, both trader and service provider like us is equally gained. Its an WIN – WIN situation for both trader and service provider. Nobody will lose in this type of fees structure You don’t need to pay until 300 points profit reached.

  8. How much I will earn for 1 lot for 300 points ?

    As we mentioned this 300 points can be achieved maximum of 7 trading calls.

    As per zerodha your brokerage and tax for one lot trading is Rs.40

    300 points X 25 = 7500

    Brokerage and Tax for 7 trades is Rs. 360

    So net profit will be 7500 - 360 = 7140

    Our subscription Fee - Rs.5000 only

    If we achieve this 300 points in less number of calls, then you will earn more.

    We suggest to trade minimum 3 lots with 60k capital, whatever the strike price may be.

  9. How much capital we need to trade on Intraday Bank Nifty Option tips ?     

    We suggest minimum of INR 60000(Rupees Sixty Thousand) as capital to trade for 3 lots. You can check with your broker for leverage and Intraday margin amount needed for you. All calls given are pure Intraday only, No carry forwarding for next day.

  10. With my capital I can even do more than 3 lots, but your suggestion of quantity to trade is low? Why is like that?

    As per margin norms, we need to have full cash to trade in Bank Nifty Options. We should block/use only 50% of the capital. If blocked/risked for full capital amount, if suppose 2 continuous Stoploss hit calls arrived, we are unable to do next available call.

  11. Can I see an sample call ?

    BUY BANKNIFTY 33600PE ONLY @ 290 STOPLOSS 240 Trailing StopLoss method used, So Target will be informed later when the call is open.

    Our calls will have Entry price and Stop loss price only, We need to trial the stoploss and continue in profit mode to make maximum profits in single call in an trending day.

  12. What I will do if I made loss from your calls?

    Profit and Loss are common in Stock Market, Hope loss will not come continuously.

  13. How to join and pay for Bank Nifty Option Tips ?

    1 Day Paid Trial – Rs.749 only

    300 points profit - – Rs10000 Rs5000 only (50% DISCOUNT)

    (No duration of timing, whenever 300 points profit given, need to renew again)

    OUR GOOGLE PAY NUMBER 9003634565 (Praveen Krishna)

    OUR UPI ID [email protected]

    Paytm Payments Bank Account details: Praveen

    Account No. 919003634565

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