Freight loading of the IR increased 2.0% to 101.42 million tonnes (mt) in June 2019 over June 2018. Meanwhile, the freight revenue surged 6.9% to Rs 10707.55 crore in June 2019. The net tonne kilometers (ntkm) was flat at 56314 million in June 2019. The revenue per tonne improved 4.8% to Rs 1056, while the revenue per ntkm rose 6.9% to 190 paise.

IR's freight loading stood at 307.39 mt in April-June FY2020, showing a growth of 2.7% over 299.40 mt in April-June FY2019. The freight loading at 307.39 mt for April-June FY2020 was higher than the estimate of 304.36 mt for the period.

Coal transportation, accounting for 50.3% of the total loading, increased 3.4% to 51.04 mt, while loading increased for iron ore at 13.0% to 12.25 mt, food grains 10.4% to 3.08 mt and petroleum oil products 6.4% to 3.85 mt. Further, the loadings of raw material for steel plant also improved 10.2% to 2.05 mt, container service 3.4% to 5.13 mt and finished steel 0.9% to 4.41 mt in June 2019. However, the loading of cement declined 12.7% to 8.87 mt and other goods 10.4% to 6.38 mt and fertilizers 0.7% to 4.36 mt in June 2019.

The Revenue from coal transportation, accounting for 49.8% of the total freight revenue, increased 11.2% to Rs 5329.13 crore, while freight revenue moved up for iron ore at 20.6% to Rs 901.77 crore, food grains 11.0% to Rs 625.18 crore and fertilizers 10.3% to Rs 600.95 crore. the loading revenue of petroleum oil products also gained 4.9% to Rs 509.29 crore, container service 4.3% to Rs 500.91 crore and raw material for steel plant 10.1% to Rs 192.53 crore. however, the freight revenue from cement declined 13.4% to Rs 766.28 crore. however, the freight revenue from other goods 8.6% to Rs 593.60 crore. however, the freight revenue from finished steel declined 0.9% to Rs 687.91 crore in June 2019.

Passenger traffic

The passenger traffic of IR moved up 0.5% to 710.58 million in June 2019. Passenger traffic fell 0.6% to 2074.42 million in April-June FY2020. The passenger traffic is lower than the budget estimate of 2125.74 million for April-June FY2020.


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