The Indian Railway (IR) has recorded 4.2% growth in its overall revenues to Rs 15478.62 crore in June 2019 over June 2018. The IR revenues had moved up 2.0% to Rs 14861.80 crore in June 2018. The passenger earnings increased 10.6% to Rs 4657.01 crore in June 2019, against -3.3% decline recorded in June 2018. The earnings from freight traffic, accounting for 65.6% of the total revenue, rose mere 1.5% to Rs 10146.73 crore in June 2019. The other coaching revenue incensed 7.6% to Rs 399.81 crore, but the revenue from sundry activities declined 2.9% to Rs 275.07 crore in June 2019.

In April-June FY2020, the revenue earnings of IR improved 1.3% to Rs 45205.27 crore, showing moderation in growth from 3.9% rise recorded in April-June FY2019. Further, the IR revenues have been below the budget target of Rs 0.00 crore for the above mentioned period. The goods revenue moved up 0.9% to Rs 30108.84 crore, while the passenger revenue increased 6.0% to Rs 13459.35 crore. The other coaching revenue increased 3.3% to Rs 1261.74 crore, while the sundry earnings surged -58.0% to Rs 375.34 crore in April-June FY2020.


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