The Indian Railway (IR) has recorded 6.7% growth in its overall revenues to Rs 15242.65 crore in February 2019 over February 2018. The IR revenues had moved up 2.6% to Rs 14279.87 crore in February 2018.

The passenger earnings increased 5.0% to Rs 4051.78 crore in February 2019, against 0.4% decline recorded in February 2018. The earnings from freight traffic, accounting for 69.1% of the total revenue, surged 9.6% to Rs 10533.79 crore in February 2019. The other coaching revenue were flat at Rs 360.29 crore, while the revenue from sundry activities declined 33.3% to Rs 296.79 crore in February 2019.

In April-February FY2019, the revenue earnings of IR improved 8.7% to Rs 168187.17 crore, showing acceleration in the pace of growth from 5.1% rise recorded in April-February FY2018. However, the IR revenues have been below the revised budget target of Rs 173465.44 crore for the above mentioned period. The goods revenue moved up 10.6% to Rs 113845.50 crore, while the passenger revenue increased 5.8% to Rs 46579.51 crore. The other coaching revenue increased 3.0% to Rs 4267.39 crore, while the sundry earnings declined 4.5% to Rs 3494.77 crore in April-February FY2019.

Freight Loading

Freight loading of the IR increased 4.3% to 100.00 million tonnes (mt) in February 2019 over February 2018. Meanwhile, the freight revenue surged 10.7% to Rs 10528.56 crore in February 2019.

The net tonne kilometers (ntkm) rose 4.4% to 56227 million in February 2019. The revenue per tonne improved 6.1% to Rs 1053, while the revenue per ntkm rose 6.1% to 187 paise.

IR's freight loading stood at 1103.53 mt in April-February FY2019, showing a growth of 5.2% over 1049.39 mt in April-February FY2018. The freight loading at 1103.53 mt for April-February FY2019 was marginally higher than the estimate of 1101.37 mt for the period.

Passenger traffic

The passenger traffic of IR fell 0.7% to 647.40 million in February 2019. Passenger traffic rose 2.0% to 7725.98 million in April-February FY2019. The passenger traffic is above than the budget estimate of 7601.71 million for April-February FY2019.

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