The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been net buyer of US dollars worth US$ 4.90 billion in the month of March 2019 on a net basis from the spot market. The RBI was also net buyers at US$ 9.41 billion in March 2019, while it was net seller at US$ 2.483 billion in April 2019.

However, the RBI was net seller for entire FY2019 with net sales of US$ 15.377 billion. It had purchased US$ 40.804 billion and sold US$ 56.181 billion in FY2019.

For FY18, the RBI was net buyer of US$ 33.689 billion from the spot market, while purchased US$ 52.068 billion as against sales of US$ 18.379 billion.

The outstanding net forward sales stood at US$ 18.512 billion end April 2019 compared to net sales of US$ 13.774 billion end March 2019 and net purchases of US$ 17.393 billion end April 2018.


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