PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry urged the government to support its social security scheme for economically weaker and vulnerable through burden of moderate taxation and even by way of imposing tiny amount of cess on income rather than mobilize resources for it from section of well to do and industry in particular.

The Chamber is of the view that if resources and revenues are intended to be generated from self employed populace and employers of households, it won't be a pragmatic proposition and might lead to mall practices and even corruption at the hands of inspectors and such authorities of tiny scale in the bureaucracy.

The aforesaid observations were made by the Vice President of the Chamber Mr. D K Aggarwal here today at a Seminar on Consolidation of Labour Laws - Impact on Industry, presided over by Secretary, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Mr. Heera Lal Samariya in which other key functionaries of industry and government were also present.

“Industry whole heartedly supports the government in its move to condense 44 different labour statutes into four codes and is behind the government to make it a great success but on the issue of providing social security to weaker sections of society and socially and economically vulnerable, it would be ideal and practically feasible if such a section is brought in the landscape of social security, it should happen through the possible routes of taxation and even imposing nominal cesses rather than bringing the burden on well to do and even richer sections of the society”, said Mr. Aggarwal.

He argued that the other routes adopted to support social security for economically and socially vulnerable including domestic helps might encourage corruption and at this juncture, this is crucial that this issue is rationally handled because de-codification exercise of multiple labour laws is advancing currently almost conclusively, pointed out Mr. Aggarwal.

While presiding over the Seminar, Mr. Samariya, however, pointed out that the government is serious to providing social security to large sections of population and particularly those that are engaged in the unorganized sector on grounds of humanity and commitment of the government of the day to conclusively unfold its social security schemes so that its intended purpose is achieved.



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