In wake of huge loss incurred by industry and on looking widespread shortage of essential items on account of the indefinite strike called by the truckers, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry requests the Government to convene urgent meeting with the Truckers' Congress to seek an end to the strike at the earliest and appeals to the truckers association to resort to peaceful sorting of concerns and save the industry from further losses and difficulties for the common man.

As the truckers' strike enters 5th day, the inter-state movement of manufactured goods and even perishables and essential items like fruits and vegetables, milk and medicines gets affected causing huge loss to major industries across the country and pushing the people to face shortage in supply of goods and services.

PHD Chamber calls upon the government to find early resolution of the concerns and issues raised by the truckers and transporters to save the industry from further huge losses and also save difficulties for the common man caused by shortage of essentials. PHD Chamber also appeals to the truckers and transporters associations to advise their constituents and members to maintain calm and peace and restraint from hooliganism, till a solution is reached between them and the government.

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