Mr. Bharat Kumar Regmi, Charge d'Affaires, Embassy of Nepal said that there are ample and ready to tap opportunities for investment and cooperation for the Indian companies in the tourism sector in Nepal. He invited Indian investors to invest in the country and reap rich dividends.

He further added that the year 2018 is a year of new beginnings in Nepal after successful conclusion of three tiers of elections, paving the way for political stability and good governance. Highlighting the Government's policy of attracting foreign investment, he called on Indian companies and entrepreneurs to utilize the opportunity of investing in Nepal by taking full advantage of its enormous possibilities and the country's favorable industrial and investment policies.

Mr. Babu Ram Sigdyal, Second Secretary, Embassy of Nepal highlighted the tourism opportunities, prospects and benefits of developing mutual packages for tourists from both the countries. He also urged the business community to invest in Nepal while describing the Government's support and facilitation measures to boost the business relations mentioning competitive advantages available particularly in sectors like adventure tourism. He reiterated that the Government of Nepal and the private sector work well in tandem. Through sustainable economic development, Nepal is working towards political stability, peace building, trade facilitation and economic capacity building.

Ms. Rani George, Secretary, Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala highlighted the importance of Indo-Nepal relationship, saying that the economic cooperation can bring people of the two countries even closer. She emphasized the importance of setting-up a cultural exchange program between Nepal and Kerala. Ms. George was of the view that the cultural events of Nepal should be held in Kerala and similarly the culture of Kerala should be showcased in Nepal. She added that the recently formed Government in Nepal is engaged in the task of political and socio-economic transformation of the country through peaceful and democratic means to make it a stable, inclusive, full-fledged democratic and prosperous country.

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