• BREAKING: In Kundapur in coastal Karnataka, BJP's Haladi Srinivasa Shetty wins by a stunning lead of one lakh votes


  • May 15, 10:34 AM (IST)


    Region-wise trends according to News 18:

    Coastal Karnataka

    BJP: 15

    Congress: 3

    JD(S): 3 

    Bombay Karnataka

    BJP: 30

    Congress: 17

    JD(S): 1 

    Others:  2

    Hyderabad Karnataka

    BJP: 19

    Congress: 7

    JD(S): 5 

    Central Karnataka

    BJP: 24

    Congress: 9

    JD(S): 2

    Others: 2  


    BJP: 16

    Congress: 9

    JD(S): 9 

    South Karnataka

    BJP: 11

    Congress: 15

    JD(S): 25


  • May 15, 10:25 AM (IST)



    The Election Commission released party-wise vote share percentage at 10:23am. They are as follows: 

    BJP: 38.1%

    Cong: 37.3%

    JD(S): 17.5%

    NOTA: 00.9%


  • May 15, 10:24 AM (IST)



    Markets react positively to trends of BJP leading in Karnataka, Sensex is up by over 350 points, currently at 35928.35 while Nifty at 10919.15

    The current trend numbers, according to CNN News 18, are as follows:

    Congress: 64

    BJP: 114

    JD(S): 43


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