The all-India general CPI inflation rose to 3.18% in June 2019 (new base 2012=100), compared with 3.05% in May 2019. The corresponding provisional inflation rate for rural area was 2.21% and urban area 4.33% in June 2019, as against 1.86% and 4.51% in May 2019. The core CPI inflation eased to 4.09% in June 2019 compared with 4.23% in May 2019. The cumulative CPI inflation has declined to 3.07% in April-June FY2020 compared with 4.79% in April-June FY2019.

Among the CPI components, inflation of food and beverages increased to 2.37% in June 2019 from 2.03% in May 2019. Within the food items, the inflation moved up for pulses and products to 5.68%, meat and fish 9.01%, fruits (-) 4.18%, milk and products 0.63%, prepared meals, snacks, sweets etc 2.70%, spices 1.59% and cereals and products 1.31%. However, the inflation declined for vegetables 4.66%, sugar and confectionery (-) 0.09%, oils and fats 0.74% and non-alcoholic beverages 3.07% in June 2019.

The inflation for housing was flat at 4.84%, while that for miscellaneous items fell to 4.45% in June 2019. Within the miscellaneous items, the inflation for transport and communication declined to 0.73%, household goods and services 4.28% and recreation and amusement 5.20%, while it moved up for personal care and effects to 3.23%, health 8.22% and education 6.79% in June 2019.

The inflation for clothing and footwear declined to 1.52%, while the CPI inflation of fuel and light also eased to 2.32% in June 2019.


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