Indian stock market for the whole day the color of the graph is red for all the sectors and we are able to see a panic session which is more than 21 month low which Nifty traded nearly -3.5% downside. Nifty Future made a low 6993 from 7205 which is 222 points down, nobody expected in single day the market will crash within hours. The sensex on Thursday closed 807.07 points down at 22,951.83 points the lowest closing level for the index since May 8, 2014. Intraday slumped 849.78 points to 22909.10 which is 52 week low. This was also the fourth straight session of losses for the index which has fallen by 1,665 points.

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Investors and Traders as a whole made a loss of 3 lakh crore on Thursday. FIIs made a big withdrawal from Indian market of Rs 83200 crore withdrawal which is higher since past 24 months. There are many factors which affected on that single day, we can see each below given the biggest intraday falls in Indian market.

12 biggest Intra-day Sensex falls

? 24 August, 2015 — 1,624.51 points
? 21 January, 2008 — 1,408.35 points
? 24 October, 2008 — 1,070.63 points
? 17 March, 2008 — 951.03 points
? 3 March, 2008 — 900.84 points
? 22 January, 2008 — 875 points
? 6 July, 2009 — 869.65 points
? 6 January, 2015 — 854.86 points
? 11 February, 2008 — 833.98 points
? 18 May, 2006 — 826 points
? 11 February, 2016 — 807 points

Above data credit : Economic Times

Why this bloodbath on Thursday

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1. Market fell steeply on the back of continuing concerns about a global slowdown and the consequent impact on the financial sector. The US Fed also did not provide any further clarity on the possible interest rate movements.
2.Quarterly results declared over the past few days have also not met up to the muted expectations and that also impacted sentiments. Going ahead, global concerns will remain at the centre stage and will likely dictate market sentiments.
3. Most of the expectations for Indians is the result of blue chip companies like State Bank of India and Reliance and Tatasteel and Tatamotors and many more. But all blue chip stocks become totally red on Thursday, particularly SBI falls nearly 8.5% the NPA (Non Performing Assets) as raised upto 62% higher it is another reason for fall.
4. Tata Motors’ Q3 PAT at Rs 3,150 cr, [email protected] Rs 72,256 cr, below estimates; JLR’s sales fall, margins at 14.4%,made a low of 11% down on Thursday. For past 3 years Tatamotors never given negative sales report.
5. Oil prices became low of $27 per barrel which is 13years low.

6. Big sell off in European markets. FTSE100 down 2,61 per cent, Germany’s DAX 3.14 per cent, French CAC40 3.55 per cent.

7. The rupee plunged to a 29-month low against the dollar, ending at 68.30 down 0.65% from Wednesday’s close. The local currency USD-INR is fast approaching its all-time low of 68.85, touched on August 28 2013.

8. Since January, Nifty and BSE have witnessed about 10 per cent negative growth “but if you compare with other markets – Japan lost 21%, S&P 500 of US 10.35%, Hong Kong 14%, Singapore 12%, UK 10% and Shanghai 28%. Still now which is better for India, but cannot the expect the same for in upcoming weeks. Still market may corrected upto 5% technically, but its all due to outbound conditions of India.

It is not the right time for Investors as market may correct and we do not try to catch the falling knife, which is risky and it may hurt our hands surely. So still wait for the best stocks to choose, we may see all popular blue chip companies may trade for cheap prices, but its time being not a real one to start for growth.

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