Many reasons may come and go for the down and rise of Stock Market but every time we cannot say the reason is within India. Sometimes the news in worldwide may also attack the Indian stock market crash. So behind the every uptrend or downtrend we need to know the reason,for that purpose this post has been for you. It might may be delayed for two days,but the history never changes.

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A well going car if suddenly makes trouble we would thinking that why and where does the problem occurs, like the same on Thursday 28/04/2016 market was in good going and we are expecting to break 8000, very interestingly every trader is awaiting to nifty for uptrend. Many of the traders and investors do not know BOJ updates on that day, whoever known too not expected that they will make some unexpected and down graded.

Stock Market Crash

Japans consumer price index falls -0.3% over three years, house hold spending remains weak and factory output also rebounded.The Central Bank has kept its pledge to increase the base money or crash and deposits in circulation at an annual pace of 80trillion yen.It also left -0.1% interest rate which applies to the excess reserves financial institution parked at Bank of Japan. More over BOJ distributed nearly 300bn yen ($2.7bn) as loan to the people who severely damaged in the earthquake in Southern Japan Kyushu which made more factories to close.

The negative rates falls which aims to encourage lending by charging banks for saving some excess money in BOJ vaults was widely panned as a wage move. Totally the YEN vs USD falls more and in simple words we can see it is the major dive in Indian Stock market crash happened on Thursday. Hope this is valuable information to you in simple words, just like and share the post in social media so others can also know more about this.


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