SureShot Intraday Performance

Sure Shot Intraday performance will be given usually at any time of the trading day whenever the trend occurs in market. It is also called as Jackpot Intraday tips as we are giving with much experience after analyzing market technically before triggering any calls. As we give sure shot call daily more focus will be given to give high accuracy performance every day as traders need to earn upto Rs.10000 per day. SureShot Intraday or Jackpot Intraday tips will be updated in daily basis,mostly in real time if not within end of the day as traders need to check their profit happily. If suppose first call of the day hits stoploss we will give one more call to cover the loss. More easy to traders with high accuracy.

Key Points :

1.Earn Rs.5000 – Rs.10000 per day with only one sure shot Intraday call or Jackpot Intraday tips

2.Minimum Capital Rs.50000 enough as calls given from A,E group category stocks alone. Brokers exposure is big advantage as 5-10times exposure is guaranteed. Very useful for Business man, persons in Job. Multiply your capital from today as our accuracy levels is more in this package.

Below given is the day wise past performance report. Click the link below to check.

December 2018

Equity Intraday Past Performance

13/12/2018 L&TFH BUY 10:25AM 10:27AM 148.50 150 147 SL -1.02 %
12/12/2018 M&MFIN BUY 11:57AM 12:02AM 441 445 437 SL -0.92 %
12/12/2018 DRREDDY SELL 12:14PM 12:17PM 2580 2560 2600 TARGET 0.78 %
12/12/2018 ORIENTBANK BUY 01:16PM 01:19PM 88.50 89.50 87.50 SL -1.14 %
11/12/2018 MUTHOOTFIN BUY 09:47AM 09:51AM 467 472 462 SL -1.08 %
11/12/2018 EQUITAS BUY 09:51AM 10:15AM 109.50 111 108.50 SL -0.92 %
10/12/2018 KOTAKBANK SELL 11:41AM 11:44AM 1203 1193 1213 TARGET 0.84 %
07/12/2018 MUTHOOTFIN BUY 10:52AM 10:55AM 461 466 456 TARGET 1.07 %
06/12/2018 TECHM SELL 11:02AM 01:15PM 696 690 702 EXIT AT 695 0.14 %
06/12/2018 SRTRANSFIN BUY 01:09PM 01:14PM 1120 1130 1110 SL -0.90 %
06/12/2018 RELCAPITAL SELL 11:50AM 12:10PM 210 207.50 212.50 SL -1.18 %
05/12/2018 BHARATFORG SELL 10:38AM 10:42AM 532 526 538 TARGET 1.14 %
04/12/2018 CALL NOT GIVEN
03/12/2018 CALL NOT GIVEN
NET P/L % -3.19 %

December 2018 NET P/L -3.19%

Sure Shot Intraday Equity Tips

4 Days Paid Trial –  Rs.501 only

1 Month Plan       – Rs.3000 only

2 Months Plan     –  Rs5000 only

4 Months Plan – Rs.8000 only

  Nifty Future Tips

Nifty future is nothing but the index future where the underlying is the S&P CNX Nifty index. In India, index futures trading started in 2000 in NSE. For Nifty futures contracts, the permitted lot size is 50, and in multiples of 50. Like other futures contracts, Nifty future tips contracts also have a three-month trading cycle - the near-month, the next month and the far-month.

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