As per Third Advance Estimates for 2018-19, total foodgrain production in the country is estimated at 283.37 million tonnes (mt) which is higher by 17.62 mt than the previous five years' (2013-14 to 2017-18) average production of foodgrain.

Total production of Rice during 2018-19 is estimated at record 115.63 mt. Production of rice has increased by 2.87 mt than the production of 112.76 mt during 2017-18. It is also higher by 7.83 mt than the five years' average production of 107.80 mt.

Production of Wheat, estimated at record 101.20 mt, is higher by 1.33 mt as compared to wheat production of 99.87 mt achieved during 2017-18. Moreover, the production of wheat during 2018-19 is higher by 6.59 mt than the average wheat production of 94.61 mt.

Production of Nutri / Coarse Cereals estimated at 43.33 mt is marginally higher by 0.24 mt than the average production.

Total Pulses production during 2018-19 is estimated at 23.22 mt which is higher by 2.96 million tones than the Five years' average production of 20.26 mt.

Total Oilseeds production in the country during 2018-19 is estimated at 31.42 mt. The production of oilseeds during 2018-19 is higher by 1.77 mt than the Five years' average oilseeds production.

With an increase by 20.46 mt over 2017-18, total production of Sugarcane in the country during 2018-19 is estimated at record 400.37 mt. Moreover, the production of sugarcane during 2018-19 is higher by 50.59 mt than the average sugarcane production of 349.78 mt. Production of Cotton estimated at 27.59 million bales (of 170 kg each) and Production of Jute & Mesta estimated at 9.79 million bales (of 180 kg each).


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